pumpkinguts said:

So synth dreads normally have problems of sticking to themselves? Or is that just an issue with poorly sealed dreads?

The “velco-y” effect comes from flyaways. So until you can make a dread with little to no flyaways, the dreads will at times stick to each other

axradae said:

How do you make the criss-cross or bondage wrapped dreads that you are wearing in the knotty no-seal video? I can't find a tutorial anywhere online! I figured out how to start and get the wrap on the dread, but I can't figure out how to finish the ends on them. Please help!

I will be making a tutorial for that within the next two months~

m0bscenebee said:

Hi Kime! i want to make myself some SE dreads to train my scalp a little before going the full hog and putting DE in. I was also going to start out with scatered dreads. is there anyway to control the length of your dreads? My hair is mid length. <3

Cutting the hair will help change the length of the dread outside of backcombing

unicorn-brainchild said:

How much do you typically charge for a full set of dreads? I'm probably going to dye my hair a pastel pink soon so I'm looking for pastel dreads! Thanks in advance!

All my prices are here

karagenknight said:

In your faq you mention that you buy your hair from ikickshins and doctoredlocks but I saw you post somewhere else that you only buy from iks. It's there a reason you prefer them to doctoredlocks? I ask because iks has significantly high shopping costs. Are they worth the price discrepance?

I love the variety of colors at IKS. Not to mention they have always shipped my order immediately, are always updated on what colors are out of stock and when they will be back, plus they send me cute little toys everytime I do a huge shipment XD

midnight-moths said:

Hey kime! When I had my dreads in I had red bumps all along the base of my neck. Do you think that means I was allergic to the hair??

No those are just scalp sores. Sadly it comes from the dreads pulling on your hair. I get them ALL the time especially at the base of my neck. The best thing you can do is wear your dreads in segments at a time, instead of a whole month or so. That will help aleviate the stress and kinda train your scalp to know the weight

imn0tyourdaddy said:

Hi there, I was look to get 20 inch double ended ginger dreads for my hair. But the thing is I am naturally brunette and dye my hair ginger but every few months I have to constantly bleach my roots. I plan to keep my dreads in all the time but leave my fringe out. What will be the average maintaining schedule for my dreads? Can I bleach my roots with my synthetics in? Will my dreads start to smell If I don't wash them an just my fringe? It would be a big help if you answered this, thank you :)

I have to redye my roots all the time, you will be looking at wearing your dreads for about a month, maybe month and a half, taking them all out, doing your roots and then reinstalling~ 

Do NOT try bleaching/dying your hair with dreads in. It gets messy and can ruin your dreads. 

xephyrethecracked said:

Guess who's getting some of your dreadies next month!!! :D so excited


mikaalldai said:

Hey I really love how you make your dreads and I've been watching all over your YouTube videos! How much are you selling them for?

All my prices are here

lavendertownmysteries said:

Hello where do I purchase dreads??

For dreads by me: SynDreads - Order Dreads

Otherwise the best way to find out is by looking at great dread artists on facebook, look around their page to see if they have an area explaining where and how to order and if not, personal message them.