icantthinkstraightsatan said:

If my synthetic dreads aren't sealing ( I'm using a steamer) does that mean that I haven't backcombed well enough or the steam isn't hot enough? I bought the steamer at a thrift shop.

It’s probably that the steamer isn’t hot enough. If you want good dreads it pays to splurge on a good steamer~

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madelineclaustro said:

Hi! I've been struggling looking for a good website to order kanekalon hair. Suggestions? Please and thank you :)

ikickshins is the best!

mygerbilatemyhomework said:

I had a question on the RastAfri type of hair. When I'm backcombing it (with a dog brush, if that info helps), I tend to get clumps at the top that fall out. If you need an example, when you were doing your backcombing tutorial, I think that happened with the green one or whichever color you did second. Does that happen a lot with all brands, just the one brand, or am I crazy and have a problem? Just so I know if it's an actual issue or not :3 Thanksies Kimë!!!

That does happen pretty often with that brand, and the lexy brand as well. It seems to come with that texture.  I personally really like the Black & Gold brand~ With Black & Gold there seems to be a lot less of fallen clumps and better texture to the dreads

thystil said:

Is there anyway to backcomb the hair without taking too much of the length away?

After backcombing, go back and sort of slightly untug the hair, and do so again when sealing. That will help extend the length while having it still backcombing

bemywhiterabbit said:

What material do you recommend for making synthetic dreads? and are there pros and cons to that material? [:

Synthetic Dreads HAVE to be made out of Kanekalon hair, which is a plastic synthetic hair. Or you can use wool, which is very popular right now~ 

When it comes to pros and cons, I don’t know anything about the wool material since I don’t make those, but in terms of kanekalon hair that all comes down to brands, which is personal preference

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